Mama Kat’s Writing Prompts!

Today, through my research of the female blogging community today, I found the SITS girls. While this blog deserves it’s own post, I believe that can wait. Through searching their blogging tips, I found Mama Kat’s Writing Promt Generator.
Just to get a feel for the prompts that appear, I scrolled through and found some I quite enjoy and that I feel would be suitable on this blog, since it is now anything I say it is (This is exciting!!).
So, I do believe that I will do a series called “_________ (as per Mama Kat’s suggestion)” The blank being the post title, followed by the series title in parenthases. In this series I will choose one prompt from the generator and write a post about it. I think this’ll be neat and I hope my readers enjoy it. 🙂

What ya think?