Table for One?

I first saw this video back in February. It was appropriately times because I was finally realizing that after my senior year in highschool was over, I’d be moving three hours away and would be alone quite often. It made me smile and I used some of the ideas. I made a point to go alone to lunch at the local diners and a mexican food place I love. It was then that I noticed how true the video was. Society is afraid of being alone.

The small tables that you are seated at when you ask for a “table for one” is always a table for two. There are two chairs, two plates, two napkins. They don’t have tables for one. I think this is quite a lack in our society. I understand that it may be more common for couples or multiples to go out to eat, but if we had single tables, would more singles go out?

I think it’s a perpetually unending cycle. There are no single tables, so it seems less accepted to go out alone, so no one goes out alone, so resteraunts don’t have single tables, so singles don’t go out. It’s rediculous and it is silly. No one is comfortable with being themselves and being alone. The looking-glass effect is effecting our eating habits.

I feel that we should take a stand and push for single tables. Singles should go out and realize something: No one is looking at you, they are too busy with themselves and their friends to notice you alone. This is me calling for a movement of singles, not specifically romantically single, but those who don’t have friends who want to go out, or are in a city all alone, or just simply enjoy solitude, to go out alone. Be proud to be a single. We should make Singleness obviously acceptable in our society.