Finally, a home.

I’ve been blogging since way back when I got my first laptop, but all of those were specialized. I had a Princess Blog, a Lolita Blog, several Book Blogs, Fashion Blogs, Photography Blogs, etc., but after a while, they all died off as my interest in that subject or in blogging about that subject passed. Now, inspired by discovering Blogher and many wonderful sites there, I have created me a new, hopefully permanent home.

I am back dating a lot of posts from here. Book reviews, life points, etc., from some of the blogs I still know exist and can access, but today, 7 November, 2011, I declare this as a home for all my interests as they wax and wane (Moon reference, btw.).

Home you enjoy reading about the journey of my never stagnant or consistant interests and life.

To learn more about me check out the “About me” page!!