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I’ve been so busy recently with Thanksgiving, first, then back to school with the end of semester ta-dos. I have two more weeks of this semester! I’m so very excited.
What this really means for you,
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Demon From the Dark: An Adult Book Review

“My enemies have deemed me fearless. ‘Tis no compliment. The only males who know no fear are the ones who have nothing to lose.” – Malkom Slaine (by Kresley cole)
“If these people execute me, I’m going to be sooo pissed.” – Kresley Cole
“I think I just fell into like with him.” – Kresley Cole
“Two things that can never be contained? Velociraptors and Zombies.” – Kresley Cole

Mmmm, this is yet another of Kresley Cole’s sexy paranormal fictions. The main male, Malkom, is rough and handsome. The main female, Carrow, is an independent, party girl witch. Fantastic, as always! Well done Ms. Cole!
Carrow is captured by an organization set out to destroy, or at least figure out, immortals. To gain her freedom, Carrow is convinced to go into a Hell-like realm to capture a demon, vampire mix. Sure she can do it without a problem, she goes and attempts to lure him in with her body. Little does she know things about this impersonal, selfish mission, with quickly change.
Malkom is an outcast demon-vampire mix, forced to live his lifei n the mountains, feared by all. Suddenly, out of no where, this poor male’s mate is dropped dead in the middle of his territory, vulnerable and weak. He has an undying need to protect her, while she is nothing but distrusting. She doesn’t recognize him! He must now convince his fated mate to love him and accept him.
I highly suggest this book to anyone who likes adult romances, paranormal fantasies, and is mature enough for it. It does have some intimate scenes that may not be comfortable for many people, but the plot itself is excellent! If you’re up for it, check it out.