About Me



             “I was born with an enormous need for affection,
And a terrible need to give it.”

                                                                      –Audrey Hepburn


Raelynn is currently in her first year at university studying French and Elementary Education. As a full-time student she spends her time studying, blogging, reading, and, when there is time enough, crafting. Her tastes, hobbies, and thoughts are ever changing. She lives in student housing with French exchange students. She also spends large amounts of time writing letter to her growing list of penpals, across the world. She has a deep desire for travel and a tremendous love for learning about cultures different from her own. She spends holidays at home with her Hunny (pictured above), her rabbit, Kupo (pictured below), and family members. Languages and Human Interaction are her true passions and she is determined to spend her lifetime learning.


To contact, please click the envelope.


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