I dissappeared for 2 months.

I don’t have much of an excuse, well I do, but I don’t want to use it.

Mostly school has just been hectic. And my winter break was even more hectic. My father passed just before the new year, so that was a little crazy in my life. Then I started back to school in a daze and now I’m in a sorority and having friends and such.


I’m back now! I hope. Mostly my posts will be student oriented, as I am a student, or book oriented. I read a lot of books for class and some for fun, so I should have plenty to write about, right? Sure, no.

I do plan to still make this a kinda personal blog with some updates about my life as well, I’m thinking between books.

I’m also on youtube again, haven’t posted a video yet, but when I do I will link to it.

Look for a lot more posts from me. And again, I’m sorry for unexplained absence ❤

Off to a show with my new sorority sisters!

Much Love, Rae.


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