Bomb Iran?

Right this moment, I’m watching GPS on CNN. They are currently debating whether the United States should launch military action against Iran because they seem to be working towards developing nuclear weapons. At this time, it is unknown the actual goal of the Iranians.

Personally, I think military action should be saved until it is clear that they are developing weapons or until it is clear that they are planning an attack on the United States. Is it okay to attack a country because they might be working towards development of weapons? I’m not saying we should wait until we are attacked and lives are lost, but I do think we should hold off until the Iranian intentions are obvious.

What do you think?
(Please stay respectful of differeing views.)


2 thoughts on “Bomb Iran?

  1. dear Raelynn. respectfully, there is no real threat to the USA from IRAN other than IRAN will not play the whitehouse money game, all war does is release more negative energy whatever the reason.more deplomacy always,peace the goal.

    • I agree. It may not have come across in my post, but I am anti-war (but pro-troops, they didn’t start this, politicians did.) I, personally, do not think violence is the answer. I do support PEACEFUL preventive measures to insure our own safety. The title is the title of the debate on GPS, and, though i said military action, i mean this as peaceful. I do not like war and am, at heart, a hippie. Thank you for your opinion 🙂

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